Book Spotlight: "Binding Darkness" by A. Finlay

April 07, 2015

As Aaliya and her friends are thrown into the public eye, her world falls apart; 
Arael is called to duty, Daniel leaves with no explanation and Sophia is strangely calm about it.

A new friend named Sariah enters her life, but is violently taken from her. 
As Aaliya searches for Sariah, the world grows darker; bats swarm the skies, crows appear in odd places and shadow-like spirits lurk in broad daylight.

Aaliya is vulnerable, alone and doesn't trust the most important people in her life. To overcome the darkness, Aaliya must first fight her most dangerous battle. 

The battle of her mind.

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Length: 332 pages

What people are saying about "Shadows of Light"

Amazon Review

"I love a book where you have no idea where it is heading but the journey is so brilliant I couldn't put it down. Another highly recommended book and can't wait to read the final! "
Amazon Review
"A spine tingling journey through lives of some cleverly built characters, coupled with hard-hitting moments of action and romance. A. Finlay shows us a clear example of how characters can unite to fight back against their enemies. There were stages throughout the book where I thought I would be able to guess the very next moment but the author somehow finds away to evade expectation to create a story filled with surprise."

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About the author  

A. Finlay (Alison Finlay) is an Australian Fiction Author, residing in Melbourne. She began writing the Shadows of Light trilogy in January 2009, when she was 25 years old and by June of the same year she had finished the first manuscript and planned the next two books in the series.

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