Australian Author Month: Ali Constable

August 27, 2015

Ali Constable

Mother of 6, Disciple of Christ; published author living with FND, DID & chronic pain. Photographer, scrapbooker, artist & friend. Wife of DIDO worker.  

Four Fast Fun Facts about Ali...

1. I'm colour blind yet I still consider myself an artist, even if I DO need the kids help with colours. 
 2. I appear quite clumsy due to a Neurological disorder but my kids are quite used to picking me up off the floor. 
 3. I have 6 kids, that's fun right??? ;-)
4. My daughter Miss Almost 22 thinks we should have our own tv show as we're "funnier than the the Kardashians". We've never watched the Kardashians and it took months for the kids just to teach me how to say Kardashian.....

Where to find Ali...

Website | Facebook

"The Heroes of the Ashes (Book 1)"

"I'm having the dream again. I know it is a dream. Somewhere in the fog of my mind I know it isn't real, but I can’t stop myself from hugging her one-last-time..." Esther Jones is a young woman looking for her daughter after becoming separated during a catastrophic incident. During her search for her daughter she is forced by circumstances to put aside her own needs in order to help a young aboriginal woman named Marybelle

Where to get your copy of "The Heroes of the Ashes (Book 1)"

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