Book Review: Second String by M.C. Webb

December 08, 2016

One is lost, the other has the strength to save them both. 

Jett is the the second string quarterback, accustomed to living adrift.

Jesse is the lost war widow, unable or unwilling to take a chance. 

When Jett is blindsided, the two collide in the game of love and loss

The question is; can either learn to win, or risk losing it all once more?

Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Sports Romance
Length: 173 pages 

This the first time I’ve ever read anything by M.C. Webb, and I’ve got to start off by saying that I enjoyed the book immensely. It’s listed as a sports romance, but there was very little sport being played it; however, that is not to the detriment of the story. I think you get a whole lot more than  ‘just a sports romance.’

So, where to start? Let’s go with the characters since it was a character-driven story and Webb has crafted hers beautifully. I was plunged into the story with the introduction to Jett Ingram – a second string quarterback in the NFL. He’s a superstar. His surname demands respect as his father is a Hall-of-Famer. His older brother, Walker Ingram, is also a first quarterback in the NFL. He’s got it made. Until… 

Jett is let go from the team. Following the dismissal, he gets into his car and just starts driving with no particular destination in mind. He winds in a small Texan town, where destiny, it seems, has led him. With no plans for the first time in his life, Jett has nowhere to be and nothing to do. He decides to take up a job managing a local military ‘themed’ bar where he meets Jesse.

Jesse is the beautiful and tragically sad war widow, still mourning the loss of her beloved husband. She’s part owner of the bar with her Marine brother-in-law, Beaux, and is against getting any kind of help while Beaux is on deployment. Jesse has built a wall around her heart, not allowing anyone in. She just gets on with her life, content with the fact that she has had her one chance at love. 

The attraction between Jesse and Jett is instant, but Jesse is in denial, feeling as if she’s dishonouring the memory of her husband. Jett struggles with the rejection, but eventually they strike a deal that changes both of them forever. 

I really liked Webb’s writing style. It’s descriptive and flows really well. That translates to the characters, where their individual voices are distinct. You had Jett, who was confident and cool, yet as the story continues, you get glimpses of his self-perceived deficiencies. He’s struggling with how he feels about his life as it is – he seemingly has everything, but is that really true?

Jesse has her own issues too. She’s trying to find her identity as more than just a widow. She runs herself ragged to make sure she can’t stop and think about how truly lonely her life is. What she needs is to start healing and it takes Jett to show her that.

It was fast-paced and all of the supporting characters really added to the story. If you like books a little more on the steamy side, Second String definitely delivers. Jesse and Jett scorch the pages together, and you’re kind of left craving more. The plot never gets bogged down in redundant details. Everything about this book made it great – characters, plot, writing style, writing devices and the overall moral of the story. 

A highly recommended read if you enjoy well-rounded, believable characters and a story that will leave you unable to not turn the next page.

About MC Webb

MC Webb was born in Georgia, raised in South Carolina,Tennessee, and Alabama. The author has spent all of her life in the Southern states. 
MC was first published in high school, but shied away from the attention she received from her stories. Years later, after much interest and encouragement to share her work, MC began writing full time. 
She lives with her family in Tennessee, loves to dance, travel, and most importantly as a true southern belle - watch football.   

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