#NewBookSaturday: Veil of Darkness (Book 1) by Derek Adam

November 04, 2017

Happy New Book Saturday!

Been hanging out for this week's read? Well, I don't want to disappoint. This week's installment is called "Veil of Darkness" by Derek Adam. Yep, that's right! It's a male author! I don't think I've ever come across a male PNR author before (if you have please leave me a comment!)

Looking over the customer reviews, he's received all 4 & 5 star reviews - that's a good sign. It was only released October 30th of this year too. I know I'm intrigued. After the blurb, I've placed some of the things that have been said about "Veil of Darkness".

There’s a world just beyond the veil… in the dark, out of sight, and out of reach for most. That is where they live.

Spirits, demons, and creatures of myth.

For decades, one organization has sought to uncover the secrets of harnessing the power on the other side of the veil for its own misdeeds.

And for decades, a group devoted to protecting life and the natural order has worked to counter the efforts of evil.

Emma is the perfect guardian, living in isolation until called on, accompanied by a tenacious Siberian husky bonded as her familiar and companion. Her life and existence is devoted to one end – using her unique abilities to maintain the balance and bring an end to that which does not belong.

Luca is a paranormal expert capable of seeing beyond the veil and communicating with the other side. With his spirit companions, Sutter and Virgil, he’s called on to investigate an unusual event that will forever change him, and the small border town he once called home.

After a chance encounter, Luca will awaken something in Emma that will force her to face her most difficult struggles, and inspire a whole new reason to fight.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A truly captivating paranormal romance unlike anything you've ever experienced - beyond vampires... beyond shifters... beyond the veil. It's a supernatural romp into the occult with action, mystery, and a healthy dose of laughs from the support characters that will keep you turning pages from start to finish.

“I write horror novels...and this was a paranormal romance. So I was predisposed to focus on the ‘romance’ part and be dismissive of the paranormal angle. I have never been happier to be proved totally wrong about my assumptions.”

“It's not just that Derek was thinking outside the box on this book. He was thinking outside the universe”

“I love paranormal and this one was so damn good that I can’t wait to see what books 2 and 3 are about.”

“Wickedly freaking awesome!”

“Derek Adam shows his versatility with this start to a new paranormal series!”

“As someone who does not normally read paranormal romance, I loved the hell out of this book!"

“Derek Adam has created an amazing story line that truly ensnared me”

“Adam's first foray into the paranormal genre, and I'd say he hit it out of the otherworldly realm!”

Have I convinced you?

Disclaimer: As always, I have no affiliation with this author, publisher or book. I simply chose it because I like it. Happy reading!

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