Monday, August 12, 2013

Swag-a-Palooza - Week 1

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  1. Hiiii :) It's only me again....peopel will start thinking I'm a right

    Of course I was going to get myself involved in this swag, I would like to add to me collection :)

    I Wasn't sure where I needed to post this so I did it on here and commented on the the FB page! I think you would know by now that my favourite Alpha Male would have to be........Rhett! Yer I know that would be a generic answer as he was the main character in the 1st book but there's something different about Rhett, yer he's HOT and soooo droolworthy but there's an innocence about him, he's seen by others as a defective wolf, nahhh I don't belive it for a second, this is what makes Rhett such a unique Wolf, Alpha Male and most of all a MATE! BUTTTTTTT Brax does come extremely close it's that we haven't met the real Brax yet, and when we do my choice may just yet be swayed to Brax! Mwahhhh xoxo