Book Spotlight & Giveaway: "Affliction" by Andrew Irvine

March 10, 2015

It’s the usual story. Girl meets girl. Girl arrests girl. Girl gets caught up in massive underground movement to liberate society from government oppression. Oh and there is the small matter of an albino werewolf wreaking havoc on the city…

In recent years the government has reluctantly acknowledged the existence and rights of werewolves in society. All the while brutally resisting a new ‘disease’ that is sweeping through the world, a sexually transmitted disease that gifts the afflicted with psychic powers.

‘Psi’ has become an underground phenomenon amongst the lonely, disenfranchised and those seeking a connection in their mundane lives. The government has responded with incarceration, ‘rehabilitation’ centres and in the most extreme cases execution of the afflicted.

Detective Sydney Summers went undercover to bust a major ‘Psi’ ring. She fell in love. She arrested her girlfriend and had her sentenced to death for her crimes. Now she is one of the afflicted herself. Sydney is also one of the Officers charged with protecting the public from this affliction. As a series of hate crimes and increasingly violent murders take place in her city Sydney is partnered with the handsome and enigmatic Federal Agent Michael Marsters to stop the killer. A killer Michael seems intimately familiar with, what secret’s is he hiding?

As Sydney’s psi abilities become critical to catching the killer she is faced with a terrible choice: stop the killer and expose herself or have the blood of the innocent on her hands.

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Length: 305 pages

What people are saying about "Afflicted"

Amazon Review

"This is definitely not for the faint-hearted; The most dramatic scenes in Affliction are charged with macabre and sensual details that deeply affect the supernatural characters that readers could easily connect with."

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About the author  

Hi, my name's Andrew and I currently reside in South Australia where I work full time and write in every available moment that I can carve out for myself. I have always been drawn to the supernatural and the fantastical, they are what invigorate me when I read and what I love to write.

The first novel I wrote featured biblical vampires that had emerged from the Garden of Eden and the angelic wars that raged against them. My first novel and unlikely to ever see the light of day.

Affliction is my first attempt to publish a novel and it emerged from several incoherent concepts that filled my mind. It was an opportunity to explore prejudice and persecution in an urban fantasy setting and I loved every minute I spent writing it. As most authors will agree there is nothing more amazing than plunging head first into a world that exists only in your head and bringing it to life for everyone else.

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