Book Spotlight: "Coercion" by Andrew Ivine

March 17, 2015

Events in Seattle went to hell. Good people died and Sydney was left with the psychic echo of a monster in her head, a growing influence that feeds upon her own psi affliction to gain a foothold, to try and take her body as his own. His presence, her lover’s death, the growing intolerance of psi in the world, drove her to quit the police force and leave Seattle.

Now Sydney is lost in the world, trying to forget her past and find her place, but the past can’t be left behind so easily. An old enemy is coming for her, new enemies are in front of her, and a meddlesome werewolf is about to pop back into her life.

Petty sheriffs, missing kids, sociopathic Psis, a basement prison, psychotic werewolves and really bad taste in one night stands… what’s a girl to do?

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Length: 414 pages

What people are saying about "Coercion"

Amazon Review

"This series is quickly becoming one of my favorites. The first book, Affliction, was a real page turner and I was not disappointed with the sequel ‘Coercion’...It was fantastic, well-written, and kept you wanting to know what happens next. I couldn't stop reading."

Amazon Review

"I literally could not put it down. I liked the character development. The time line of the story was easy to keep up with, even though a back story was being developed along the way. The psi characters and the werewolves were surprising original. All I can say is there better be a sequel."

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About the author  

Hi, my name's Andrew and I currently reside in South Australia where I work full time and write in every available moment that I can carve out for myself. I have always been drawn to the supernatural and the fantastical, they are what invigorate me when I read and what I love to write.

The first novel I wrote featured biblical vampires that had emerged from the Garden of Eden and the angelic wars that raged against them. My first novel and unlikely to ever see the light of day.

Affliction is my first attempt to publish a novel and it emerged from several incoherent concepts that filled my mind. It was an opportunity to explore prejudice and persecution in an urban fantasy setting and I loved every minute I spent writing it. As most authors will agree there is nothing more amazing than plunging head first into a world that exists only in your head and bringing it to life for everyone else.

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