Saturday, August 19, 2017

Book Spotlight: Strange Practice (A Dr. Greta Helsing Novel) by Vivian Shaw

Happy New Book Saturday! Got a book hangover from your last read? I've got just the thing you need...

Meet Greta Helsing, doctor to the undead.

Dr. Greta Helsing has inherited the family's highly specialized, and highly peculiar, medical practice. She treats the undead for a host of ills - vocal strain in banshees, arthritis in barrow-wights, and entropy in mummies.

It's a quiet, supernatural-adjacent life, until a sect of murderous monks emerges, killing human and undead Londoners alike. As terror takes hold of the city, Greta must use her unusual skills to stop the cult if she hopes to save her practice, and her life.

What drew me to this one? THE COVER! It's amazing. It's done by illustrator Will Staehle. I really like the tri-color composition and the subject matter. Will creates a lot of really quirky images and you can see them all on his website. 

What else drew me to this title? The blurb certainly did it's job in this instance, but it was also what was being said about this book. Here are just a few things...

"A darkly delicious adventure featuring a quirky new heroine. Strange Practice breathes new life into the undead."―James Bennett, author of Chasing Embers

"Shaw's lively debut introduces a great cast of characters who should sustain this new series for many volumes to come.... Shaw brings her Victorian monsters into the modern age."―Library Journal

"Shaw balances an agile mystery with a pitch-perfect, droll narrative and cast of lovable misfit characters. These are not your mother's Dracula or demons ... Strange Practice is a super(natural) read."―Shelf Awareness

"An appropriately dark breath of fresh air."―Booklist

Happy reading!

Please note: I have no affiliation with this author or this title. I simply chose it because I liked the cover and/or description.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Book Spotlight: Born in Fire by K.F. Breene

Happy New Book Saturday! Wow, what a week! Hanging out for a new read? Then check this one out...

Born in Fire by K.F. Breene. This book got my attention for a couple of reasons. The first is the blurb, especially this line:  

"Supernatural Bounty Hunter isn't the sort of thing you see on LinkedIn."

I like it when there's a little bit of humor in urban fantasy books - mostly because the genre errs on the side of seriousness for the most part. 

The second thing that caught my attention was the number of reviews it's already received. Released July 18th 2017, it has 646 reviews* - 75% of them 5-star. It's also ranked #467 in the Romance > Paranormal > Vampires category on Amazon.

Heart pounding and laugh out loud funny, USA Today Bestselling author K.F. Breene will take you on a magical joy ride you won't soon forget. 

Supernatural Bounty Hunter isn't the sort of thing you see on LinkedIn. But with a rare type of magic like mine, I don't have many options.

Dangerous or not, the job is mine. And it was going fine, until an old as sin vampire stole my mark, and with it, my pay day. Knowing I'm poor and desperate, he has offered me a job. I'll have to work by his side to help solve a top secret case.

Everyone knows not to trust vampires. Especially a hot elder vampire. But without any other jobs coming up, I'm stuck. As I uncover a web of lies and treachery, revealing an enemy I didn't know existed, the truth of my identity is threatened. I might make it out alive, only to end up in a gilded cage.

Just a reminder: I don't get paid to do this. I don't have any affiliations with any of the authors that I feature - I simply choose a book that catches my eye. 

Sounds like something you'd like to read? Here's the link to get your own copy...

* Accurate as of August 8th, 2017

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Book Spotlight: The Gift: The Butterfly Effect (book 1) by Margaret McHeyzer

It's New Book Saturday! Okay, so it's not the most original name, granted, but it is self-explanatory. Under the advisement of a very good friend of mine, I decided to start doing dedicated weekly blog posts that will spotlight a new book in the urban fantasy/fantasy/paranormal romance genre. I don't get paid to do this. I don't have any affiliations with any of the authors that I feature - I simply choose a book that catches my eye and show it all to you. 

And to kick it all off, here is the very first of many weekly installments. 

This book got my attention for a couple of reasons. The first is the cover. It's simple, yet very effective. The second was because of the blurb. Talk about short and sweet and oh so tantalizing. 

So, have a read through the blurb and see what you think. You never know, you might just find a new read.

New York Times Bestselling Author of UGLY and MISTRUST.

I have something people want. I have something they cannot take or steal. I have something they'd kill for.
The something I have, isn't a possession, it's more.
Much, much more.
It's a gift.
It's part of me.
For readers who enjoy:
Urban Fantasy
Young Adult
Thriller and crime

Book 2: "The Curse"