Australian Author Month: A.K. Leigh

August 19, 2015

A.K. Leigh

I am an international selling author of romantic suspense and contemporary romance, and proud of that fact! 
Like most writers, I began creating stories in my childhood. My family say I was a 'daydreamer', who created stories that were then acted out. This led to my first attempt at a full-length novel at the age of seventeen.  
I come from a large family, consisting of six siblings. The experience of growing up in such a personality-fueled environment has enabled me to portray diverse and complex characters in my writing. 

Being an identical triplet, I attribute the constant comparison to two other people (and having to struggle for a personal identity) as the impetus behind my creation of independent, yet vulnerable, women in my writing.
I love books, all kinds, and Martial Arts movies. I manage to slip a book reading scene and fight scene into most of my stories, because, why not?  

I hold a graduate degree in counseling, which I feel has allowed me to delve into the murky depths of human behavior. In particular, the interplay of the psyche of the antagonist versus the protagonist fascinates me. This is why I write in multiple viewpoints.

Five Fast Fun Facts about A.K...

1. I am a naturally conceived identical triplet

2. I am a professional astrologer and amateur astronomer

3. I studied traditional medicine in Thailand

4. I can speak (badly and at various levels of fluency) four languages: English, German, French and Thai - and "Dora" Spanish :-) 

5. I am a huge Michael Jackson fan and don't care that it's considered dorky to admit it!

Where to find C.M...

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon 

"See Her Run"

You can run from everything except your past.
Diana King has moved to Smithfield, North Carolina to start fresh. With a new look, a new address, and a new name, she's hoping to begin a safe, quiet life far from the horrors she's endured.

On the painful road to recovery, Diana begins to think she can move forward … until she meets local farmer, Jonathan Smith, and realizes his connection to her previous life. While Jon doesn't recognize her, they both have an undeniable attraction.

Just when Diana begins to see a hope of happiness, she discovers that her ex-husband Russ is on the hunt and will stop at nothing to get her back.

For Diana holds evidence that could lock him away for life ...

Where to get your copy of "See Her Run"  

Amazon US | Amazon AU | Amazon UK | iTunes | Kobo

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