Australian Author Month: Keith McArdle

August 07, 2015

 Keith McArdle

Keith was born in Sydney, Australia, in the winter of 1978. Joining the Army as an infantryman at seventeen, he soon learned what the real world was like. It was a very different place. He has had short stories published in the Australian Army and Royal Australian Air Force newspapers, the Australian Army magazine, 'Incoming!', as well as The Townsville Bulletin.

Five Fast Fun Facts about Keith...

1. I'm passionate about Viking history.
2. I'm clumsy.
3. I enjoy writing.
4. I enjoy reading.
5. I love Australia.

Where to find Keith...

The Reckoning: The Day Australia Fell 
(Unforseen #1)

Australia has been invaded.

While the outnumbered Australian Defence Force fights on the ground, in the air and at sea, this quickly becomes a war involving ordinary people.

Ben, an IT consultant has never fought a day in his life. Will he survive?

Grant, a security guard at Sydney's International Airport, finds himself captured and living in the filth and squalor of one of the concentration camps dotted around Australia. Knowing death awaits him if he stays, he plans a daring escape.

This is a dark day in Australia's history. This is terror, loneliness, starvation and adrenaline all mixed together in a sour cocktail. This is the day Australia fell.

Where to find "The Reckoning: The Day Australia Fell"

(Australia Only)


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