Australian Author Month: C.L. Moore

August 18, 2015

C.L. Moore

I  grew up in a small country town in Northern NSW, Australia.

As a child I surrounded my thoughts with a world of fantasy. I loved nothing more than reading books and I read everything I could get my hands on. Elephant Walk by Robert Standish was one of my earliest reads.

When I received 'Black Beauty' and 'Wuthering Heights' as a birthday gift, the dye was set. I wanted to be in the worlds that the authors wrote about, live the book, be the book. Other books that filled my need for adventure and romance were 'We Of the Never Never' and 'Blue Fin', both books I won as literary prizes at school.

Later I grew to love Stephen King, Jane Austen, Daphne de Maurier, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Tolkien, Jules Verne, Stephanie Meyer, and so many, many more!

Having experienced precognitive dreams and visions from early childhood, it was nothing new for me to write my thoughts down, often my stories would come from the magical place of my dream state.

To this day many of my stories are built upon dreams I have had and I often ask myself, 'are these really  dreams?' , 'could the people I write about have been real?' , or 'are they my own distant past lives that I have somehow tapped into?

I don't really know, Dear Reader, but isn't it an exciting thing to ponder?

Five Fast Fun Facts about C.L...

1. I am a Psychic Consultant

2. I am a certified Dog Obedience Trainer

3. The number plate of my car is 01:ECTO from Ghostbusters

4. I am a mental Supernatural fan and a Dean girl

5. I love walking in the rain

Where to find C.L...

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"Louisiana Heat"
A story of Love, Betrayal and Lust

Aubrey Dupre is a Southern Belle living on her family's Sugar Plantation in the Deep South.

Aubrey has a gift, unfortunately that gift is sometimes unreliable. She doesn't realise the sext field hand is dangerous until it is too late.

The love of her life, Beau, let's her down again and again, unable to protect her when she needs protecting the most.
There is more to Jonesy than he lets anybody know. He has a past that haunts him, and that has left him damaged.

That past might do more than come back to haunt him, it might just kill him.
Something stirred in the gravelly yard beneath their window . . . A soft slippery nuzzle, the sort of sounds you'd expect a pig to make with its snout in a trough . . . The small mining town of GRYMM perched on the very edge of the Great Desert is the kind of town you leave - but when Dad gets a three-month contract in the mine there, Mina and Jacob, unwilling stepbrother and sister, are reluctantly arriving. From a grotesque letting agent who seems to want to eat their baby brother, a cafe owner whose milkshakes contain actual maggots and the horribly creepy butcher, baker and candlestick-maker, Mina and Jacob soon realize that nothing in GRYMM is what is appears to be. And then things get seriously weird when their baby brother disappears - and no one seems to even notice! In GRYMM, your worst nightmares really do come true . . . - See more at:

Where to find "Louisiana Heat"

"The Healer"

Kennedy has grown up around Magick, talking to the spirits of the dead and Angels. The day her family comes for her, her life changes, forever. The day she heals an Angel and ancient Prophesy is set into motion.

A fallen Angel, a brother cast into Hell, and a family that only know how to fight and protect. A Witch, a Shapeshifter and a Righteous man.

But what the Hell happened to all the Angels?

This is a classic story of Good vs Evil, which one will be triumphant?

Where to find "The Healer"...

"Belmont Falls"

There is a secret in the township of Belmont Falls. 

The people there are not what they seem.

Kat is looking for a place to hide. When the Sheriff, Sam McKinnon takes an interest in her she finds that it’s impossible to hide any longer. 

She gets dragged into the secrets, but Kat isn’t someone to just let things lie. 

Kat gets more than she bargins for, and this time there isn’t anywhere else to hide.

Where to find "Belmont Falls"


What would you do if you found yourself 1600 years in the past?
Unhappy in the 20th Century, Rosalie Jones is looking to change her life.

She travels to Hadrian's Wall hoping to find proof of her ancestors.

When she finds herself in another time, she is quite unprepared for
what happens next.

She finds love, but will she lose herself in the process?
Rosalie is in the fight of her life and only one man can save her.

Will he? Or will she be the one to save herself?

Where to find "Rosalie"
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