Australian Author Month: Ashley Howland

August 29, 2015

Ashley Howland

Ashley Howland grew up in Adelaide, South Australia, where she now lives with her husband, Ross, their daughters, Maddy and Aijay, and her faithful Labradors Stitch and Chewie. Ashley loves to write with and for young people, the dogs (including Obi) often provide the material.

Five Fast Fun Facts about Ashley...

1. My dogs and kids provide me with endless material.

2. Walking the dogs helps me to work out ideas.

3. I work as a teacher and love writing stories with my students.

4. I wish I could invent something that would enable me to write in my sleep.

5. If I need inspiration I spend the day with my girls at the zoo!

Where to find Ashley...

Website | Facebook | Amazon

"It's What You Do Next That Counts"

Twelve months ago Callie’s world was turned upside down. Her parents were killed in a plane accident and she had tough decisions to make. Callie chose to move to Perth Australia and live with her Aunt and Uncle. Her older brother Steven, followed, determined to take her back to Vancouver and home. Callie embarks on a journey of discovery and friendship. In a year that will change her whole outlook on life. It’s What You Do Next that Counts is full of laughter, tears, good times, hard times, success and failures. It’s a book for all ages about taking steps forward and finding your place in the world.

Where to get your copy of "It's What You Do Next That Counts"


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