Australian Author Month: Brian Kavanagh

August 11, 2015

Brian Kavanagh

Brian Kavanagh is the author of the Belinda Lawrence Mystery Series.

He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Four Fast Fun Facts about Brian..

1. Australian filmmaker 
2. Born and live in Melbourne, and loving it!
3. Fan of Agatha Christie mysteries and the mischievous Mapp & Lucia series by E.F.Benson.
4. Have a collection of first editions by author, Fergus Hume author of Mystery of a Hansom Cab.

    Where to find Brian...

    Website | Goodreads | Twitter

     "Capable of Murder"

    An old lady's decaying body is found lying at the bottom of the stairs.
    The police believe it was simply an accidental fall that killed great-aunt Jane.
    But was it?
    When the young Australian Belinda Lawrence inherits her great-aunt's ancient cottage and garden on the outskirts of Bath she is convinced it was murder.
    Her unexpected legacy comes shrouded in mystery.
    A secret room.
    Unknown intruders.
    A hidden ancient document.
    And then a second terrible killing.
    Suddenly Belinda Lawrence is plunged into a terrifying mystery.
    Half of the village seem Capable of Murder.
    And if she can’t find out who the killer is, she may be next.

    Where to find "Capable of Murder"

    Also find it at Vivid Publishing & on Readings

    "The Embroidered Corpse"

    In a quiet English village two bodies are discovered.

    Both murdered.

    But it is the manner of the death that most startles amateur detective Belinda Lawrence.

    They were both slain in a way that perfectly replicates the death a medieval English king.

    But why?

    There appears to be no motive for so elaborate a crime.

    But after she stumbles across a mysterious ancient tapestry, Belinda Lawrence and her associate Hazel Whitby are drawn into a terrifying conspiracy involving a bizarre religious cult, an enigmatic academic, a group of secretive monks -- and a mystery that dates back nearly a thousand years old.

    And it soon becomes apparent that 'The Embroidered Corpse' will not be the last dead body - Belinda's own life is at stake. 

    Where to find "The Embroidered Corpse"

    Also find it at Vivid Publishing & on Readings

    Capable of Murder Giveaway
    (Australia Only)
    The Embroidered Corpse Giveaway
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