Australian Author Month: Troy Barnes

August 05, 2015

Troy Barnes

Troy Barnes was born in 1973 and has spent all of his adult life on the beautiful North West Coast of Tasmania, Australia.

Troy has written and published three dark fiction novels since 2007 and has seen his short fiction appear in print in the USA.

His books have made it into the hands of actors Eric Bana and Leigh Whannell, TV presenter Rove McManus, legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg, and the band Florence & The Machine.

He is a proud member of the Australian Horror Writer’s Association.

Troy Barnes is a self financed author and welcomes correspondence from interested publishers, agents and book sellers.

Five Fast Fun Facts about Troy...
  1. My day job is in radio marketing/advertising.
  2. My first novel, Deadlight, was handed across a dinner table to Steven Spielberg while he was in Melbourne filming The Pacific.
  3. I have a cat named Buffy
  4. I have been a Marvel comics fan since I was a child and I'm now 42 and still read comics every week.
  5. The town of Raven Beach in my second novel, Monochromacy, is based on my coastal home town of Penguin, located on Tasmania's NW Coast.

    Where to find Troy...

    Zach stopped to survey the never-ending wasteland.
    His exhausted companions waited by his side.
    Their weary eyes followed the crumbling road that continued beyond the bleak horizon of the mysterious place they found themselves in. 


    An odd reality filled with strange creatures and morbid mutations. 

    In a world where nightmares reign, the unlikely group of friends must face the unknown and travel through the sinister heart of Ever in search of a way home. 

    Friendships will be torn apart. 

    Lives will be lost. 

    Will anyone live happy after Ever?

    Where to find "The End of Ever"

    Also available from Troy Barnes' Website

    (Australia Only)

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