Australian Author Month: Graham Whittaker

August 13, 2015


Graham Whittaker

Three Fast Fun Facts about Graham...

  1. I am male
  2. I write a lot under female names
  3. I like writing romance novels

Where to find Graham...

Website | Facebook | Amazon| Booklocker | Trove

 "The Girl from Kosovo"


When Nikita Tarasov is buried alive and critically wounded during the war in Kosovo, a voice, named Andy, tells her amazing stories about a little boy and a lighthouse, keeping her calm. Shortly after being rescued by a psychopathic Serbian Nationalist, Max Lomax, Nikita becomes the darling of the world's press. Now, trapped in a world of drugs, human trafficking and prostitution, Nikita promises to escape her "Guardian" and find the mysterious Andy.

Where to find "The Girl from Kosovo"

Also find it at Booklocker


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