Australian Author Month: Lilly Barrett

August 10, 2015

Lilly Barrett

I'm a debut Aussie author from outback Western Australia.

I always planned to write a book when I retired but I had some time on my hands so I thought I'd make a start and see what happened and 140,000 words later Eternally Mia's was born and then I had the bug and couldn't stop, so I continued their story in Forever Noah's which is due for publication in June 2015.

I have a wonderful husband, two grown independent daughters and 2 very spoilt fur babies plus a menagerie of assorted birds, chickens, fish and cats.

Nobody had any idea that I was writing a novel and had published it before I told my family, who were astounded that I'd done it without their knowledge.

My husband's now waiting for me to make my first million dollars so that he can buy that villa in Tuscany that he's always wanted.

Five Fast Fun Facts about Lilly..

  1. I have 2 gorgeous little dogs who my daughter say I spoil more than them.
  2. I used to be an RN in an OR.
  3. I've been to Europe and loved it.
  4. I don't like flying. 
  5. I love my pool in summer

Where to find Lilly...

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon

 "Eternally Mia's"

Mia  loved her fiance until she found him screwing his young clerk over his desk.

It was at that point that she decided that being alone with a brood of cats was a much better option than a man.

Her new boss Noah Byrne has other ideas. He wants her from the moment he sees her in his office and what Noah wants, Noah gets.

Mia eventually gives in to her blonde god who resembles Thor, but is fate about to step in and destroy their happiness when Mia is abducted by a madman hellbent on revenge for his son's death?

Forgiveness is in short supply after the worst day of Mia's life and they need to be able to move forward together to build a future, but that's easier said than done.

Can there be a happily ever after?

Sometimes love isn't enough.

Where to find "Eternally Mia's"


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