Review: Close Remembrance by Anna Zaires

September 10, 2013

Last night, I finished reading Close Remembrance by Anna Zaires, the third book and final book with Mia and Korum as the protagonists. Zaires has done an amazing job at portraying these two characters, and I must admit, I’m sad to see their story end. I don’t want to spoil anything by revealing too much with this review, so I’ll do my best to talk about it without gushing over the details. 

Essentially, Mia and Korum’s relationship has had a major setback, humbling Korum and forcing him to shed his arrogance. He knew he loved Mia, but he just didn’t realize the depth and breadth of that love. His struggle to keep Mia by his side, to keep her safe, will leave you sighing dreamily about the gorgeous, bronzed, two-thousand year-old K.

But it’s not only Korum who has grown and developed, Mia has also changed from a meek, virginal twenty-one-year-old to a woman who has matured sexually, and who knows exactly what she wants. And can I just say, Ms Zaires, those sex scenes are amazingly hot – definitely the hottest out of all three books, and also the naughtiest. 

I couldn’t find a fault with Close Remembrance. The imagination and creativity to pull this series off is phenomenal. We find out a lot more about Krina and their alien biology, some of the ancient rites and the history of the species. I loved reading about the technology. If only we could have carpet that massaged out feet when we walked on it!

I look forward to future projects from Anna, knowing that they’ll be just as exceptional as the Krinar Chronicles. 

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