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October 30, 2012

Hello fellow Junkies,

I know it's only been like 2 days since I officially finished the proofread and edit of Half Life, but the writing bug is under my skin again. I've started on something new. It'll still be an urban fantasy book, but not involving vampires and werewolves (I know, I know. I can hear the sobbing from here.) It'll be good though, promise!

If you missed it on my Facebook page, I also posted the hook for Half Life. Here it is:

They call him the Butcher of the Helheim pack, and it’s a nickname well deserved. With the death of Colton still fresh in Sabel's mind, he takes on the responsibility of the Right to take revenge on behalf of his fallen brother—an eye for an eye. That is until he's blindsided by the arrival of an unfamiliar female werewolf looking for Colton. 

As more and more defiled bodies of wolves turn up, Sabel’s need to solve the mystery of who is behind the mutilations is at war with another feeling. This new female has awakened something dark and unavoidable within him—something that threatens to ruin his reputation as a hard-ass werewolf forever.

Can she tame the Helheim captain of the guard, or will he manage to push her away forever?

Oh, and one more thing. Would anyone be interested in a short story about Eirawen? It'll be about how she came to be queen, the creation of her Sicarii and why she hates Half Bloods so much. Leave a post comment to show your support, or hit me up on my Facebook page.

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