Cover Reveal: Half Cast by Lauren Dawes

July 27, 2013

I'm so excited to reveal the title and cover of my new book - Half Cast - which is the 4th Helheim book in the series. It is due for release sometime in September and will keep everyone updated with a fixed date the closer it gets. Here's the blurb... 

Alex D’Angelo. Cop. Hard ass. Newly Bitten werewolf.

His life has been turned upside down and inside out. He has been born into a new world where the beast inside of him threatens to take over his life. Forced to stay in a pack far from home, Alex dreams of returning to find the woman he has loved, who has haunted his dreams for well over a year.

Saskia is nothing but a shell of her former self since she walked away from the human man she had fallen in love with. Now forced into a mating with another male, she barely gets through her days. But when the year anniversary of meeting Alex rolls around, she finds her heart aching for the future she never had.

An impossible meeting leads to their reunification, but pack politics and desires of the heart threaten to pull them apart forever.

I'm so incredibly excited about this one. Over 100,000 words, this is my longest novel to date and I couldn't think of two better characters than Alex and Saskia to share the milestone with. This book is not as intensely violence-driven as the previous books, but more of a love story. In any case, I hope everyone is going to like it. 

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