The latest Half Cast Update (7/9/13)

September 07, 2013

Hi everyone,

I've had a few people asking me when Half Cast will be available on some other platforms. At the moment, it's been published on Amazon and B&N. I've been in contact with Draft2Digital, who publish on my behalf, and this is the reply I've received:

"Apple manually reviews all submissions, and is currently taking about 3 weeks to publish non-erotica titles.  Kobo normally is quite a bit faster than that, but they have been really slow the last week (they told us that they haven't recovered from the load of submissions they received over the holiday weekend)."

 So, there you have it. I will keep everyone updated when I find out something new.

Thanks again for your patience, and if you have already read Half Cast, I'd love it if you could leave a review on Amazon or B&N. Thanks!

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