Book Spotlight: "Snow, White" by Keith Austin

January 23, 2015

A dark and twisted take on some classic fairy-tale characters, Keith Austin’s brand-new novel will have you on the edge of your seat as you find out if there really is such a thing as Happy Ever After . .
John Creed’s nights are haunted by dreams of a white wolf, his days by the hideous class bully. He’s a loner with a stutter and his home-life – with an eccentric grandfather who wants to teach him folklore and ancient languages – is isolated and unusual.

But then John makes a friend – Fyre. She’s as unusual as John and has her own secrets to keep, but as the truth about John’s past starts to emerge, she’s the best ally he’s got . . .

What people are saying about "Snow, White"

The Guardian online 

“I would have never described myself as a fan of horror fiction before picking up this book, but I have been converted. Austin's vivid and descriptive narrative sends the reader tumbling into a world of heroes, villains and blood-curdling horror. I was hooked from the first page through to the very last. Fans of Austin's Grymm will particularly enjoy his second horror novel. Just make sure the lights are turned on and the windows and doors are firmly locked!” 

The South China Morning Post 

“Austin’s take on a fairytale you thought you knew is a chilling and involving read. The story is heartbreaking and sad in places and horrific in others, making it a hard book to pigeonhole … John Creed is one of the most interesting characters to appear in YA fiction for a long time.”

Amazon Review

"This book was a lovely surprise to me as it was one of those books that you go into thinking it will about one things and it turns out that that really isn't what it's about at all, sometimes this can be a bad thing but in this case it was a really good thing and it's a really intriguing book."

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About the author 
Keith Austin’s first book for Young Adults, Grymm, was published in 2012. His second book, Snow, White, was published in May 2014 to critical acclaim and Jago, the third of his Fractured Fairytales, was released as an Amzon Kindle edition in November 2014. He is currently working on several new book projects.

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