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May 09, 2015

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The time of Odin is over. The Aesir gods now live among the humans in their bustling modern cities. Their brutal dominion over the other gods and their eradication of the entire dark elf race may have ended, but their actions have not been forgotten.

With the death of Adrian still haunting Taer’s every waking breath, she dreams of getting revenge on the dark elf responsible for her brother’s murder. But when the one person she’s depending on to train her in the art of weaponry refuses to help, she has no other choice but to get instruction from the most unlikely of people. Driven by an undeniable desire, Taer finds herself learning more than just how to fight.

Eir, the goddess of healing, has had her spirit destroyed with the death of her twin at the hands of a deranged god. Still struggling with her loss, she is merely surviving each day. That is until a chance encounter with a human shows her that her broken heart can be mended in the simplest of ways.

Dreams Are Full of Dark and Terrible Things

Another hit! When I first read the synopsis to Dark Desire I wasn’t sure how I would like it because I fell in love with Korvain and Bryn. The good news is they were very much a part of this second installment. The bad news? Well, there isn’t any I was completely immersed in this installment from beginning to end. The focus was on Taer and Eir. These two suffered greatly in the first. Currently we follow Taer through her rage and determination to avenge her brother. Eir lost her sister in a horrific way and thus we follow her through the darkness of her grief. As much as I love Korvain and Bryn because these two really captured my heart, it was refreshing to focus on other characters. After everything that happened in the first book the second book was full of these wonderful characters moving on, adjusting and avenging. Each respective guy was absolutely delectable and perfect for the girls. I can’t wait for this series to continue I will for sure be following along with the events as they unfold.

arrion, sadistic and pure evil his days are numbered. Off into hiding for a time will not be enough to keep him safe forever. F-ing with the wrong Mare can bring dire consequences.
idan, his death is something that weighs heavily on Taer. Driven by a lust for revenge there isn’t anything she won’t do to make sure she reaches it.
emorse, Eir wishes things could be different but it seems her sister was destined to die and there was nothing anyone could do to change the outcome.
ind, Eir has always had a gentle heart love has always been her pulling force. Eir will surpass these dark times with an open heart.

esire, Taer will move heaven and earth to avenge her brother making sure the Mare responsible pays the ultimate price. The life of this being is inconsequential. Desire and revenge are the only things coursing through Taer’s body.
scape, Eir has been a nurse since the fall. Helping people has always been her calling now she needs to figure out how to help herself.
ingle, Loki has one wish one pull and he will do what it takes to see the all father dead by his hand.
rritating, Korvain wants to control each situation in his life but Taer and Eir have their own wishes and desires. Being controlled is not something they are used to therefore they will push against the grain all the while seeking what their hearts desire.
estrictions, Taer is unabashed in her pursuit of revenge allying herself with possible enemies is her only hope. Not wanting to ruin her chance at revenge she will take the necessary risks of trust to achieve her wishes.
vening, Eir has been through too much to let a simple misunderstanding interfere with what lays in her heart. Going after Mason feels right and Eir will no longer deny her feelings.

Gosh that ending was heart stopping in a very good way. So many things are left unanswered but it’s because we are set up nicely for the next book. All of the characters that I fell in love with in the first installment are there in the second. Seeing them develop was a bonus treat that was unexpected. Bravo! I cannot wait to continue with this series to see what happens. I will say Taer has skyrocketed to my favorites and I can’t wait to see more of her and Aubrey. Yikes those two are smoking! Dawes will captivate you with these books so get ready for an adventure full of anticipation and excitement with secrets and deceptions to boot.

My Rating
4.5 Shadows, Nightmares, Healing, Training, Dog, Shift, War Hammer, Dreams, Doors, Cancer, Hospital, Sushi, Fight, Sword, Doors, Ocean, Family, Passionate Redeemed filled Stars!

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