Excerpt from "Omega" ~ Part 2

December 20, 2016

A lot of you have been asking whether there will be a fifth Helheim book. Well, the good news is YES there will be a fifth book. I'm currently working on writing it, but my life has been crazy so it's taking a lot longer than I expected.

It's Brax's story, but it's also the book that tidies up all the loose ends and hopefully gives you all a sense a satisfaction that the series is over. It's going to be hard to say goodbye to all of my wolves, but like all goods things...

So, without further ado, here's the second of three excerpts from "Omega".

** Please note that this work is copyright and is unedited and subject to change. **


That was all Andrea could see outside her bedroom window.  


She exhaled, fogging up the glass. She was tired of waiting. Avon had told her she was leaving straight away—last night, in fact—but it was now six AM and she was still at Avon’s house. With her bag packed. And her anxiety was wrapping around her throat and chest, constricting, making it difficult to even drag in the next breath. Her gaze shifted to the horizon, waiting for the sun to penetrate the darkness. Because if it did, maybe it would burn away her unease too.  

Andrea had no doubt Rick was watching the apartment, waiting for her to step outside alone. He would kill her if she did. She knew it like she knew her own face in the mirror. Just then a shiver slithered down her spine, goose bumps breaking out on her arms and on the back of her neck. Someone was watching her. Narrowing her eyes, she swept the space between the boundary fence running alongside the driveway and the forest not four feet from it. A small orange glow appeared in the darkest shadow directly across from her window, followed by pale grey smoke. A cigarette. Andrea’s heart tripped. Rick was out there. She searched her mated bond and found the pulse of his energy close. With her heart pounding in her ears, she let the drapes fall back into place and stepped back from the window. 

Her phone pinged with a message from her bedside table.  She looked in its direction with trepidation. After leaving Rick, Avon had given her a new phone with a new private number. Nobody had her digits, and she had given them to nobody. Avon had told her it was for emergencies only, in case she felt threatened at any time. Andrea picked up the phone, looked at the unknown number first then let her gaze drop to the message.  

The phone fell with a dull thump to the white carpet.   

Her legs gave out, and it was just lucky the bed was there otherwise she would have found herself crumpled on the floor. Her hands were shaking violently. She clenched them into fists, trying to stop the tremor, but it only travelled up her arms instead. Bile burned in her throat as she looked at the illuminated screen. 

I will get you back, Andrea, and when I do, you will realize what pain is. 

It was from Rick. It had to have been. But how had he got her number? 

She stood up and, even though it hurt, she started to pace, her hip stiff and protesting every movement. Her mind was throwing up all kinds of scenarios about when Rick did get her back. The things he’d done to her would be nothing compared to what he’d planned now. How he would make her suffer, he would humiliate her. He would kill her and degrade her body and then throw her away like she was nothing, like she had meant nothing to him. 

Now, Avon’s promise to get her out of there held even more meaning.  

It wasn’t just a lifeline.  

It was a death row pardon.  

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