"A house that has a library in it has a soul" ~ My Dream Reading Space

May 09, 2017

I was asked not too long ago about where I like to do my reading. The truth of the matter is that I read whenever and wherever I can snatch a few minutes to myself. Usually, I get some reading done at night, just before I go to bed, but I do wish I had a secluded little hideaway somewhere in the house to just disappear to whenever I want to avoid life for a few moments.

<sigh> Sounds great, right? So I did some scouring around online (Thank you, Pinterest) and found some great images that pretty much sum up exactly what I want in a reading space. 

1. A big comfy chair

It's essential, of course. I like pops of color in my life, so I'd love to have a chair that reflects my personality a little. I like lots of cushions to sink into while I'm reading and forgetting about the world. Here are just a few samples of armchairs I've added to my wishlist.

Clockwise from top: wayfair.com / urbanbarn.com / arhaus.com / potterybarn.com

2. A sofa table

This has got to be close by while I'm reading. I'm a tea drinker, and when I get reading, there's no telling how much tea will be consumed. I think I prefer the more relaxed version though, like using an ottoman with a tray on top rather than a traditional table.

Clockwise from top left: arhaus.com/ wayfair.com  / templeandwebster.com.au
3. A rug
I love a rug I can literally sink my toes into, so I'd need a nice thick pile and a lot of coverage. An area rug is perfect for this! I've gone for a lot of neutrals because I want the space to be calm and relaxed (well, except for the zig-zag rug...I just love the chevron pattern).

Clockwise from left: templeandwebster.com.au / arhaus.com / wayfair.com / templeandwebster.com.au

 4. Some lighting

Let there be light!
Clockwise from left: arhaus.com / arhaus.com / potterybarn.com / wayfair.com

5. The perfect room

I love the idea of either hiding myself away where nobody can find me, or going to a space in the house that is reserved just for reading. On my 'must have' list, there'd have to be a great window for natural light, loads of shelving for all my books and quite possibly a fireplace.

There are so many great ideas out there for this kind of 'library/reading nook' that I had to share my favorites...

Clockwise from left: patchworkurchin.tumblr.com / bookbub.com / onekindesign.com / homeedit.com /
And for something really out there...
a library net!
(how awesome is that??)

Source: geekologie.com

Some of the great Pinterest boards I discovered:

I think Dr. Seuss said it best: 

It sounds like I've been given free rein to go and buy some more books.

Don't mind if I do, Dr. Seuss; don't mind if I do.

Share your own ideas for a dream reading space in the comments below!

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