Half Life update

August 14, 2012

Hello fellow Junkies,

Just a quick update on the progress of the book. Now, I'm hoping that by sharing this I'm not jinxing myself into another unholy state of non-writing, but it appears as if my muse is back from wherever the hell it went and is ready to rock and roll once more! Perhaps my muse in tangled up with my husband in some way. Writing has been near impossible since he went away 6 weeks ago, but as soon as he returns, I'm ready to tackle the Helheim pack once more. (I'm jumping up and down a little in my seat!)

The last couple of days have been productive having written around 5000 words. Whether all those words stay is yet another story, but I have high hopes! I just wanted to say a huge thanks to whoever asked me those questions before as they helped me refocus on the task at hand. All of those unanswered questions will definitely be answered in this book!

I'm also planning on writing another (couple of) short story(ies) at the end of this third installment.

I must also thank my music gods too: My Chemical Romance, Newton Faulkner, Florence + the Machine, Scouting for Girls. All these bands/singers help the creative juices to flow. I just hope I can keep going at the pace I am and have Half Life done soon!

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