Sunday, July 29, 2012

The third and final book

Hello fellow Junkies,

So it is official: Half Life will be the third and last book in the Helheim wolf series. With dwindling pack numbers, I've realised that I don't have enough to sustain them. This third book will (hopefully) tie together all the loose ends that the first two books may have left. I think I've got all the bases covered, but what I'd really like to know is what questions all you have that you would like answered. Plus, are there any characters out there that you would like to know their full story?

 Sabel is the main character in this book. Revenge is fresh in his mind, and he's determined to find the person responsible for the death of his best friend. The main plot has been planned, and I've added a few more chapters leaving me with another 5 to write before it's the end of the Helheim pack.

Procrastination has dug in its dirty claws recently leaving me uninspired and unwilling to even sit down in front of my laptop to write. That's probably a good thing though. I can just image spending hours writing absolute drivel only to have to delete it the next time inspiration hits. Ho hum...


  1. Lauren, thank you for making this forum available.

    I did wonder what happened to Indi's mother. There was a scene when Indi is speaking with Rhett and he asks about her parents. She emotionally replies that she doesn't want to talk about it. The father's disappearance is explained, but the mother's hasn't been addressed.

    If Indi would have been powerful enough to effect the sex of a wolf's offspring if turned with human blood; what differences have occurred with her having been turned using werewolf blood?

    Poor Jerry. I'm left feeling sorry for him for having a horrible mother, a rapist for a father, and a two-timing past love. With Indi and Rhett together, what will happen to Jerry? Could Sable's secret be that he's really gay and that's why he gives everyone a hard time that is different? Because he's different too. As the only bitten wolf in the pack,isn't he just ripe for creating his own mate? Jerry?

    The Seer is really spooky, great job with her characterization! Why hasn't she intervened yet and why did she buy the lie that Indi and Eaton were shopping?

    It seems that there is more to the rose scented Larissa than has been revealed, especially in regards to her werewolf loving cat Oscar. Could she be Fae or even another species? If so, can she now have werewolf children or another type of child?

    How is an Incubus made/created? If all the others are now gone and Nox and his kind killed them all, why not more fanfare regarding their extinction?

    Why has the Vampire Queen been so quiet? Can she create more Incubi? Was Nox an Incubus and that is part of the reason why he had been bound to the Vampire Queen? Why don't the vampires and especially the Vampire Queen embrace half bloods?

    Thanks for the wonderful stories. I will be looking for your future releases.

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    2. Hi,
      Wow, that's a lot of questions. I'll do my best to answer them all. Firstly, just let me tell you that the version of Half Blood you read is in fact the 8th version of the original story I had in my head almost 4 years ago. Indi’s evolution as a character has changed dramatically—originally she was still a high school student and Jerry didn’t even exist! So, here we go.
      1. Indi’s mother died while giving birth to her, hence the orphanage. Her father was killed before he had a chance to claim her as his.
      2. Great question! And one that will have to wait to be answered in the third book.
      3. Jerry’s destiny to find love is unfortunately never going to be fully revealed. I never meant for him to be a main character, but I’m so happy you like him even if it’s because you pity him. Like I said before, Jerry didn’t even exist until version 8 of the story. In regards to Sabel, he is the main character for book 3 so you’ll just have to wait and see.
      4. The Seer is a character I loved creating. I know she’d scare the pants off of me if I ever met her. The thing with her is that she knows a lot more than she lets on. She’s aware of everything at all times, so just because she didn’t question it, didn’t mean she wasn’t aware of the situation. Her faith in Antain and the Helheim pack is far stronger than she shows.
      5. Larissa’s rose scent is nothing more than that. She’s straight human, but she’s the human who has captured Vaile’s heart. It’s almost as if the scent is what lures Vaile in. You also asked about Oscar, her cat. Oscar is actually based on my own ginger kitty who is just plain badass. I wanted that to translate with him. Even though he should be scared of werewolves, he’s not.
      6. Incubus are born that way—I was kind of working on the theory that they are anomalies in the vampire gene pool, similar to how Albinism is an anomaly in humans. You also mentioned fanfare. Half Blood is written from the point of the werewolves, not the vampires. For all we know, the vampires might have regular celebrations about the extinction, but we will never know… 
      7. The vampire queen is going to have her day in the sun in book 3. She was mentioned in Half Truths, but nothing was ever seen of her. That doesn’t mean that she was lurking around though. The reason half bloods are so disdained is not yet known (by the reader), but I have planned to add on the story of why at the end of book 3. The creation of the Sicarii and Nox will also be included in this short history of Eirawen. All shall be revealed in good time.
      Thanks so much for taking the time to post a comment and I hope you keep on reading!